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WELCOME to BOOMERANG- a blog / voice for GLOBE GALLERY & The Sustainable Arts Society, Inc. located in the mountains of NE Georgia written by Peggy McBride -- Artist, Gallery Owner and Chair of SAS organization. The gallery's focus is Art with the Earth in Mind and the mission of SAS is to foster creativity learning opportunities for sustainable living within our own communities.

Globe Gallery location: Just off corner of Highway 76 East and Highway 441 across from Walgreens. Look for the giant Globe circular sign. Address is 29 Falcon Street/Clayton, Georgia 30525. Phone: (706) 782-0071 Cell: (706) 490-3911 Email: Web: Official Hours: Thursday thru Sunday 10-4 (March-Dec) Winter hours in Jan/Feb TBA (Disregard the masthead listing of former hours.)

Upcoming exhibit: Opens with a reception on Saturday, May 7th from 5:00 to 8:00 pm. Show extends to mid-June BLOOM ~ Flowers of a Different Nature. This show features area artists who approach this subject from an atypical perspective giving the viewer an insight to their unique and varied inspirations from nature's glory.

Workshops are offered by Peggy McBride in textiles (sewing, quilting, natural dyeing, printing from nature, screenprinting, felting, stitching, costuming, upcycling wearables and other accessories for the home/body), jewelry, bookbinding, papermaking, found object constructions and collage. Guest teachers are invited on ocassion for basketmaking, pottery, knitting, weaving and more.

A Handmade Marketplace begins Spring 2011 on the covered front porch of Globe Gallery to provide space for atists and artisans to sell their goods on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Tables are $10 and no commission is taken unless someone has to pay with a credit card within the gallery.

The Kudzu Project is a work-in-progress that focuses on increasing awareness toward the development of utilizing an abundant (and invasive) resource--the kudzu vine and leaf a viable medium for creative product. See the recent article on efforts by Junco Sato Pollack as described in the Spring Issue of Fiberarts magazine, visit King Kudzu and Jo Oh at their Kudzu Factory next to The Promenade in Mountain City (GA) and see products at Globe Gallery in Clayton.

A local lapidary/stone cutter extraordinaire, Wolfgang keeps a studio at the Globe and displays his gemstone jewelry with beautifully faceted opals and other beautiful gems & settings. Custom work is available. Works are on display but call first to speak directly with Wolf....his studio schedule varies.

Globe Gallery and friends will manage 2 plots at the Old School Garden this spring/summer as part of Sustainable Mountain Living's outreach. A DYE Garden and other edibles will be amongst the "global garden" ornamentals. Check out the scarecrow soon!

The Boomerang Blog idea is to bounce around creative ideas that happen in the workshops, gallery space, happenings, gatherings, salons, performances and creative outbursts in general. Things around here are buzzing with new energy and changes from all directions... so whether we toss out our thoughts like frisbees, balls, stones on the water or whispers to the wind...the voice of our art, our community, our minds and muses sing together in these creative fields where we live and play... feel free to toss in!

More information, visit website: Facebook has just been introduced, so bear with me as I trudge through the process. Goods are forthcoming soon on Etsy.

Fascinating works by contemporary artists fill the space at Globe Gallery taking the visitor on a journey of the senses with numerous earthly delights: handblown glass globes for the garden, sculptural drawing objects, clay stones, raku vases, kudzu trees, pottery, jewelry, paper journals, forged metal, furniture, photography, paintings, woven goods, hooked rugs and more. Exhibitions feature regional and national artists. Special art weeklong,weekend creative retreat packages are available in partnership with the Lake Rabun Hotel and Beechwood Inn for lodging and art workshop combos paired with elegant dining, fine wine selections--both in historic settings with great chefs! Classes can include cooking classes, painting, drawing, pottery, bookbinding, textiles, stalking the wild and native herbs, nature hikes, birdwalks and more. Lodging for larger groups in a more rustic retreat nearby can be arranged as well complete with trout fishing, waterfall hikes, dances and outdoor amphitheater for music performances.

Sign up on our guest list at the gallery to receive email notices of classes at GLOBE along with invitations to our popular art opening happenings. Nature & connections is a common thread at Globe Gallery. Our goal is to provide Art with the Earth in Mind and we often extend that to offer experiences for Art with the Community in Mind!

Mailing Address: PO Box 1122 ~ Clayton, GA 30525 Physical Address: 29 Falcon Street ~ Clayton GA 30525.


While contemplating this blog gig today I recalled a pre-blog online class I took years ago called Connect/Earth. It involoved exploring a new field of thought and study called Ecopsychology. The small group class I participated with consisted of 10 of us hailing from all parts of the world. One assignment among many was to ask permission from the out of doors "energies" to sit quietly in a space -- green space --and receive or enjoy the gifts of nature. The feedback I got from the classmate located in Israel was that her green space was 8 ft. square outside her office and standing there meant risking getting hit by a bomb.
I have no method to imagine this horrible fear, limitation or general restriction to the basics of what I call everyday life....I can only honor her attempt to grasp the feeling from what little she had. My first step outside drops me into a verdant expansive viewspace of blue and green ancient hills that fill my sight in every direction--broken only by trees and sky and earth and moss. I roll in this bed and quietly speak of gratitude for the wealth of this gift of nature...(I caught myself as I typed....for free.)
We take an d take and take seemingly freely yet at a huge cost to the planet and any future life as the program on coal on NPR reminded me once more this evening that I now use 20 pounds of coal daily just by living on American dirt. Think I will turn this light off and sleep in the light of the moon tonight waiting for the snow to light up the sky even brighter. Good night.
March 1, 2010 ~ Peggy McBride First toss of the boomerrang.